Our specialty is in producing an original arrangement of any song or instrumental piece, in any style, for any combination of instruments to meet your exact requirements – whether it’s for solo voice and piano or a full symphony orchestra. If you have further ideas about how your music should be arranged, such as adding extra instrumentals, extended musical sections and/or outros, we can incorporate those requests into the work.


We can take an existing piece of music and orchestrate it for any line-up you require – whether for a small or large sized band/orchestra.


We also transcribe, clearly and accurately, music from MP3s, YouTube clips or any other media type that you supply to us. The transcription can also be adapted to suit your needs.

Music preparation

If you have existing music that needs re-copying, with or without further edits, we can also do that for you. In preparing your music, you can also have a choice of fonts, layouts and branding.

Supply of music

Once your music charts are ready, we can either email them to you as PDFs, or we can print, tape and post the fully prepared hard copies to an address of your choice.


As an experienced saxophone, flute and clarinet player, Simon Niblock is also available to play solo performances with backing tracks for any occasion, including corporate functions, weddings, confirmations, private parties and more. This service is self-contained – in other words, we will also provide the PA system (microphones, loudspeakers and related equipment). Just contact us for further details and together we can tailor the music to your requirements.

Music from file

Years of working in the music industry means we have a large catalogue of arrangements and transcriptions that can be purchased, quickly and easily. Please contact us for further information.


Whatever your queries are, we are here to help! We have helped hundreds of solo performers and companies over the last 35 years, putting together their shows, concerts and recordings around the world. We can offer you all aspects of advice, from (but not limited to):

  • Creating a whole show, from start to finish
  • ​Choosing great songs that will work for your show
  • ​What’s required when working with musicians at rehearsals and concerts
  • ​Tips and tricks when printing music charts
  • ​Implications of particular band line-ups, instruments etc. – whether this is for your own show or for a pre-existing band line-up e.g. on cruise ships
  • -​Although we don’t produce click tracks and backing tracks ourselves, we can handle the supply of these extra services as we regularly work with many top-rated studios who can provide these tracks. All you need to do is leave it with us!

Fixing a band

Musicians literally bring life to your music, so it’s important you’re happy with your band. If you’re looking for great musicians for your live concert or studio recording, we can source them for you. We have a large team of highly experienced and super talented musicians who can perform at live venues, work in a recording studio or offer remote recording services e.g. for backing tracks.


With almost 40 years professional experience as a musician, Simon also offers private tuition for the following instruments: soprano, alto and tenor saxophone; clarinet; flute; piano. He can also provide lessons in musical theory, arranging and orchestration. Contact us for more information.


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