What’s the best way to print my music?

We recommend printing on a least 120gsm white paper – but do a test print page first, to ensure the margins are correct and match what you see on the screen. All printers are different, so setups will vary from brand to brand. You may need to make adjustments to the margins and percentage of print area.

In most cases, music can be printed on draft quality to save time and ink – but once again, run a test page to make sure the print quality is good and clear.

How do I tape my sheets together?

How do I tape my sheets together?​

Once printed, use clear tape to piece each band part together. Tapping 2 pages together is pretty straightforward – but if you have more than 2 pages, start by taping page 1 and 2 together, leaving about 1mm in between each sheet (this ensures the pages are easy to fold). Then, flip the taped pages over so that you’re looking at the back pages. Then, tape page 3 (which is also flipped so that you see the reverse page) to page 2. Then, flip it over again so that you see the front side. Tape page 4 to page 3. Repeat until all pages are taped together! The final taped band part should look like an accordion. This makes it easy for the musician to either read as a “book” or open out in one continuous spread.

How do I pay?

We accept payments via PayPal and direct bank transfer. We do not accept credit cards at this point in time. Invoices will be sent upon confirmation of order, and music will be sent upon completion of payment.

When I open a zipped file on my mobile phone or tablet, there’s only one part visible… why is that?

You will need to unzip files on a laptop or PC/Mac in order to see all the files.

The song isn’t in my key – can you help me?

Yes! Any song can be transposed to a key of your choice. This can be done remotely too, as we can send demo tracks for you to try out before you buy.

The song I want is for a full orchestra, but I only have access to an 8-piece band on the cruise ship. How does this work?

While it’s impossible for an 8-piece band to recreate a symphonic sound, through careful choice of instruments and orchestration, we can ensure the song retains its essence as much as possible.

I have lost a part from a song I purchased from you – will I have to pay again?

No – we are happy to send out the missing PDF to you by email. Printed parts that are sent by post will be charged for.

I’d like this song transposed to another key – can you do that?

Yes! We can transpose songs to any key that suits you.

Is it possible to write medleys with songs of my choice?

Yes – just contact us either by email or phone and let’s have a chat about the songs you’d like to have in your medley, how long each song should be and any other musical requirements you may have.

Do you provide rehearsal tracks?

We can provide basic rehearsal tracks based on the Sibelius playback scores. But please contact us if you need click tracks, backing tracks or any other audio file.

I only have a trio for a band – will your arrangements still work?

In short, mainly yes – although there are a few exceptions. We provide fully comprehensive piano parts that include most musical cues that you will need for a full performance.


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