Are you a singer or instrumentalist? Will you be performing in theatres, cruise ships or for private and corporate functions? Or will you be recording your music in a studio?

We consider your artistic needs very carefully and write arrangements accordingly. What works for a 9-piece band on the cruise ships will be different from a live gig with a 5-piece band or a full orchestra in a theatre.

​So your musical style, band/orchestra line-up and performing platform are all important factors that we take into careful consideration, so that we can deliver clear, precise and great sounding arrangements to you – and always on time.


Take a look at some sample arrangements here:​

Original composition by Simon Niblock – “Izzie”​

​Sample Full Score, Keys/Piano and Alto Sax parts.​

​Arrangement of “Music”

​Sample full score, Piano/M.D. and Solo Violin parts.

Arrangement of “Don’t Stop Believing”

​Sample Rehearsal Guide, Drum Set and Violin 1 parts.​

Arrangement of “The White Cliffs Of Dover”

Sample Full Score and Piano/Vocal parts.​

Arrangement of “Hello Young Lovers”

Sample Full Score.​

Arrangement of “Rise Like A Phoenix”

Sample Piano/M.D. part.​

​Arrangement of “Song For You”

Sample Piano/M.D. part.


Do you already have an audio and/or visual file of the music that you need transcribing into sheet music? Send it to us and we’ll do the work for you.

Music from file

Years of experience in the music industry means we have a large catalogue of arrangements and transcriptions that can be purchased – quickly and easily. Please contact us for further information.


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